NSTBG Group is a global corporation founded in Japan. NSTBG aims to bring harmony to the community of clients and employees through following the company's mission: "We strive to improve the quality of life of our employees, as well as customer satisfaction and contributions to the community."

NSTBG started from a humble wedding cinematography company, the NST Pictures. Back in the year 1976, NST Pictures was established as one of the prominent companies to capture special moments of couples on film through cinematic visual arts.

Through the years, we have built branches from Japan, North America and across South East Asia. Over 30,000 wedding films for newly weds are produced by our wedding film production services every year.

Today, NSTBG has also delved into the entertainment sector. NSTBG aims to create new sources of simple, fun, entertaining, and innovative games to provide users the best experience there is in the digital market. Soon, our mobile games will have great impacts for all in the future and we will continue to produce games that goes beyond everyone's satisfaction.

Noritaka Wakiyama